uPVC Windows Nottingham

Here at ColdSeal we have a beautiful range of double glazed windows that will perfectly enhance your Nottingham home.

Available in a comprehensive range of styles and colours, we can ensure beautiful aesthetics, combined with energy-efficiency and high levels of security for all of our double glazed windows.

Whether you're looking for contemporary uPVC Windows or Aluminium Windows of exceptional strength - we have the perfect double glazed windows that will suit all kind of properties across Nottingham.

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Casement Windows

casement windows nottingham

Choose our fantastic uPVC casement windows for stylish design combined with impeccable levels of energy efficiency and security. Offering a 100% lead-free Liniar uPVC profile that is both thermally efficient and secure, you can expect only the best from our beautiful uPVC casement windows.

Featuring fantastic durable hardware with advanced gaskets, our uPVC casement windows are unrivaled in proving the best weather resistance combined with a continuously tight weather seal. They are also incredibly secure, fitted with high security systems as standard.

Our beautiful uPVC casement windows are designed with beautiful slim sight-lines, giving your Nottingham home an immediate influx of light as well as panoramic views. Complementing a range of properties, our beautiful double glazed windows can be designed to perfectly  enhance the unique personality of your Nottingham home.

Tilt and Turn Windows

tilt and turn windows nottingham

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows are perfect if you're looking for superior functionality paired with stunning design. With the advantage of a 90 degree turning action, our uPVC tilt and turn windows offer fantastic ventilation and an easy-clean function.

Do you live in a high-rise Nottingham apartment? Our uPVC tilt and turn windows are perfect for you, as they can be cleaned from both the inside and out. This superior functionality allows ideal ventilation without compromising the double glazed window's high-security benefits.

Featuring high-quality, advanced security measures, our double glazed windows offer the very best in protection against potential break-ins. A range of security upgrades are also available if you're looking to secure your Nottingham home further.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

sliding sash windows nottingham

Choose our beautiful uPVC vertical sliding sash windows for the perfect imitation of traditional aesthetics, with all of the contemporary security benefits of 21st century uPVC. Our energy-efficient, family-friendly double glazed vertical sliding sash windows are guaranteed to function beautifully with every use.

Our vertical sliding sash windows offer great weather protection, keeping your Nottingham home safe from unpredictable British weather. Promising exceptional thermal-insulation, our double glazed windows are sure to keep your family safe and warm.

Concerned about family-friendly values? Our double glazed windows can be easily incorporated with safety restrictors to prevent the bottom sash from sliding fully. This will ensure your children's safety while maintaining the traditional aesthetic of your Nottingham home.

Sash Horn Windows

sash horn windows nottingham

For an authentic feel to your double glazing, choose our stunning uPVC sash horn windows. Offering beautiful hand-finishing and superior weather sealing, you can guarantee a beautiful, practical option with our double glazed sash horn windows.

Preserve the authenticity of your Nottingham home with our uPVC sash horn windows. They beautifully imitate the look of wooden box windows to maintain the integrity and traditional values of your property. Combine this with the fantastic durable benefits of a uPVC profile from Liniar, and you can achieve the perfect uPVC sash horn windows for your Nottingham property.

Our uPVC sash horn windows also incorporate sash horns made from a single piece of UPVC, creating superior aesthetics to screw-on alternatives. This gives your Nottingham home a beautiful appearance, with the strength of contemporary uPVC.

Aluminium Windows

aluminium windows nottingham

For exceptional strength and durability, our beautiful aluminium windows are for you. An incredibly versatile choice, they can be effortlessly manufactured to suit your Nottingham home perfectly, and enhance the unique personality of your family.

An ever popular choice for both commercial and domestic glazing, they have superb insulation properties as well as a beautiful modern aesthetic. Choose aluminium windows today for a sleek, contemporary design with fantastic security benefits.

Double Glazed Window Prices

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